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Scrabble matches: once a week/once a month/twice a month - any weekday evening.
One match: four players, 3 games, round robin format, 7.30pm to 10.45pm.
Six month seasons: Winners' Cup, Improvers' Cup plus Scrolls for highest word scores/game scores.

Last update: 22nd March 2015 | Latest League table...

   Join us for FOUR games of Scrabble at our Sunday Drives.   Non members welcome.   Click the link above!     

Members only are invited to join the Yahoogroups' London Scrabble League mailing list, click here for instructions.

Forthcoming tournaments in 2015:

Aylesbury Scrabble Club Charity Tournament
Saturday 11th April 2015
Stoke Mandeville Village Community Centre,
Eskdale Road, Stoke Mandeville HP22 5UJ
Contact Janet Bonham
or download the entry form here
Luton Tournament
Saturday 30th May 2015
NEW VENUE: Peter Newton Pavillion,
Luton LU5 4JU
Contact Rosalind Wilson
or download the entry form here
LSL Chigwell Pairs & Singles
Sunday 12th July 2015
Victory Hall, Hainault Road,
Chigwell, Essex IG7 6QX
Contact Diane Pratesi
or download the entry form here

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